Statement of Faith

I am a Christian. This means I believe that Jesus was the son of God, sent to earth in human form, and who died in order to resolve humanity of its sin and allow us to inherit eternal life with God in heaven after we die. I believe that it is only by accepting this truth and living by Jesus’ teachings that we can experience eternal life after we die. I also believe that we, as humans, are not perfect, but are made whole by accepting Jesus into our lives and following God’s will in our lives.

Impact on Therapy

As a therapist, I will never expect that a client align themselves with my beliefs, and will never attempt to push my own beliefs or values onto a client. While it is impossible to take myself fully out of the equation, and my own perspective will inform the approach and relationship I have with clients, I attempt to remain as professional and non-biased as possible in working with my clients. Some clients do choose to work with me specifically because I have a Christian perspective, and can relate to their similar beliefs. Others choose not to work with me because of similar reasons. I do not believe every therapist is right for every person, and it is important that you relate to your therapist in a way that allows good work to be done in sessions. To that end, my focus in therapy is always to my client’s best interest and stated goals.