Robert Hinojosa, LCSW, CCM


Robert Hinojosa graduated from Harding University with his bachelor's degree in Social Work. From there he became a director at a non-profit in Arkansas, serving the homeless and addicted. Robert realized his passion for helping people in major life transitions when he later began working with young adults in an academic setting. He returned to school to complete his Master's Degree in Social Work and began providing therapy to those seeking change and direction in life.

Throughout his career, Robert has worked with people facing many different issues. From depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric problems, to addiction, maladaptive behavior patterns, executive functioning barriers, and academic distress, Robert has experience helping in many circumstances. 

Robert's passion is helping those in major transitions in life, and facing an uncertain future. He finds value in helping families parent teens and facilitate the successful transition into adulthood. He finds reward in seeing a client through hard times and difficult circumstances, and come out better on the other side, more prepared and confident in life.

In 2017, after years of working in various capacities, and obtaining training and skills to work with some of the most difficult situations, Robert decided to open his private practice, Avidus Therapy, LLC.

"Avidus" is the latin root for the english word "avid." It symbolizes the intense drive and focus that he strives for and hopes to instill in those he works with. It reflects striving for a steady upward trajectory in life, moving forward in all situations to better one's self and one's life where possible.

He believes that, no matter the success you achieve, happiness and satisfaction stem from the journey of life and striving for purpose and direction, whether that be in relationships, in your career, or in other pursuits. Satisfaction lies in being the best self you can possibly be, each and every day.