Robert Hinojosa, LCSW, CCM


Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Robert, and I love working with people dealing with major changes, uncertainty, or struggles in their lives. My mission in my practice is to deliver high quality and individualized help to those seeking more meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

I specialize in working with Entrepreneurial Individuals, Creative Professionals, and Families with Teens. I personally come from a family background of entrepreneurs, helping my father set up and run his business before leaving to pursue my own education and business ventures. I have set up and run my own businesses, primarily focusing on the creative fields. I love working with individuals who are creative-minded, and understand the struggles that can come along with those traits.

I provide both individual and family therapy services, and can work with you on things like Anxiety, Men’s Issues, Career Struggles, Major Life Changes, OCD, Couples/Relationship Struggles, and Family/Parenting Struggles. If desired, I can provide a Christian perspective in our work together (seem my statement of faith).

If you’re interested in my credentials, I have listed those below. Having these allows me to do the work I love to do, to come along side people and offer help in a very real way.

 If you’re struggling, and interested in working with me, call or click “contact” to schedule a session or free 15-minute phone consultation. If you do reach out, I will strive to set up an initial session within a week.

Clinical License in Social Work in the following states: AR, TX, OH, FL, & IL
Nationally Certified Case Manager with CCMC

Harding University 2009 Bachelor in Social Work
University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2013 Master in Social Work
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trained

Why “Avidus”?

"Avidus" is the latin root for the english word "avid." It symbolizes the intense drive and focus that he strives for and hopes to instill in those he works with. It reflects striving for a steady upward trajectory in life, moving forward in all situations to better one's self and one's life where possible. This embodies my belief that, no matter the success you achieve, happiness and satisfaction stem from the journey of life and striving for purpose and direction, whether that be in relationships, in your career, or in other pursuits. Satisfaction lies in being the best self you can possibly be, each and every day.

Mission Statement:

To deliver high-quality and individualized help to those seeking more meaningful and fulfilling lives by overcoming the struggles they encounter along the way.

Vision Statement:

To be a leading Mental Health provider in the central Arkansas area, known for our delivery of high-quality treatment, ethical practices, attention to our clients, and results achieved.