Does This Sound Familiar?

By nature, it seems, you’re able to spot opportunity.
You quickly weigh risk and reward, and take action.
You perform under pressure, and seem to thrive with it.
You find that people are engaged when you speak, and you can get others on board with your ideas.
You take on responsibility. Sometimes too much.
Family or other relationships are important and valued…but sometimes your work or ideas have you otherwise occupied.
While brainstorming and collaborating can be fun, sometimes it seems like you can’t shut it off.
When an idea comes along, it’s enticing. You may pursue it for a while, but some others come along with even more promising possibilities.
It’s the possibilities that get you excited. The potential for great success, or an awesome business or product.
Over time, you’ve noticed that those things that you really do value in life have been negatively affected by your natural ability to singularly focus on your ideas and pursuits.
It may seem that you can’t keep all things in line in life. Either work is doing well, and other things suffer, or personal life is on point and work suffers.
The struggle for balance in life and work is a real one many people face, but for an Entrepreneur it’s different. There’s a different level of risk involved, and you may have others relying on you.

I Get It

Having been there myself, and having seen it happen in my own family, I get it. While every situation is unique unto itself, the basic needs that humans have in life remain similar, and similarly affected by our modern professional lives. Navigating the world of high-stress corporate environments, shoestring budget startups, independent small businesses, or ultra competitive innovative companies can greatly impact you as you try to thrive in that world. My experiences coming from an entrepreneurial family, running my own businesses with success and failure, and extensive training in mental health approaches make me uniquely qualified to be able to understand and help you.

I offer individual and family/couples counseling to entrepreneurial individuals. I’m here to help you walk through some of the unique struggles that entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis in their work, family, self, and other relationships. Whether it’s Anxiety you’re battling with, a desire to increase your own Emotional Intelligence, a need to improve and maintain composure in the workplace, or if you’re looking to strengthen or save your significant relationships, I am here to help. Call to schedule with me today. I can typically get new clients scheduled for a first session within a week.