Individual Therapy

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or you have other obstacles getting in the way of your quality of life, individual therapy sessions can be just what you need. In individual sessions, I walk with you to process challenges and identify specific areas to focus on in order to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. I pull from a variety of therapeutic frameworks, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, etc., to tailor our sessions to meet your identified needs and goals.

Navigating the world of high-stress corporate environments can greatly impact the professional. Having worked in large corporations myself, and being an entrepreneur gives me a unique perspective on the complexities involved with professionals when they encounter emotional, psychological, spiritual, or other hurdles. When you need to be at your best in the boardroom, it is imperative that emotional balance and psychological health are in check. Through our sessions, I may help improve emotional intelligence and target specific solutions so that you can function at your optimum level when you need to most. I can schedule sessions after traditional business hours so that essential work is not interrupted. I can also offer “solutions focused brief therapy” approaches when appropriate.

Christian Perspective:
As a Christian (see my statement of faith), I can offer a unique approach to therapy to those who desire that their spirituality play a central role in their work with me. I will never, even with those who may hold similar beliefs, push my own personal beliefs or values onto a client, or require a client to align with my personal spiritual perspective. There are many I work with that do not choose to have spirituality play a central role in their work with me, and we are able to do great work together. As always, my work with you will be tailored to your individual needs.


Couples Therapy

The relationships we have with others are sometimes simultaneously the most rewarding and challenging. Romantic relationships can be extremely complex, especially when people enter into those relationships with their own individual quirks. Couples therapy can be a great tool to help couples learn how to effectively communicate, and can be just what you need to bring that spark back, and learn how to trust again.


Family & Adolescent Therapy

Family therapy can be a critical component of bringing families closer together. Between communication issues, busy lives, and natural changes that occur as children develop and grow, families have their own complex struggles. I have years of experience working with families struggling at home with parenting teens and managing behavior struggles. My family sessions are used to improve communication skills and work through any issues that are affecting the family as a whole. When working with adolescent clients, I have found that family sessions are extremely helpful in addressing concerns, and I require parents who bring in their teenager for therapy also agree to participate in family therapy sessions as needed.