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Robert Hinojosa, LCSW, CCM

Robert Hinojosa is a Licensed Certified Social Worker in the state of Arkansas. He also holds clinical licenses in Texas, Ohio, and Florida. Robert is also a Certified Case Manager by the CCMC.

Robert believes in a practical approach to working with his clients. He knows that pain and struggle are a part of normal life, as well as joy and hope. He works with his clients on their level, with their goals in mind, to make improvements and strides in theirs and their families' lives.

Being an entrepreneur himself, Robert understands the stress of the "daily hustle" with start-ups and other businesses. He has experience educating on budgeting, time management, systematic prioritization, and other executive functioning skills useful to those who find themselves handling increased responsibility.


Services & Pricing

Robert provides therapy/counseling in a way that fits your needs. He is always respectful of the privacy of his clients.

We currently do private payment. Payment can be made in cash or card at time of session.

  • FREE mini-consultation (contact us for details)

  • Initial Intake Assessment $200*

  • Regular Sessions are billed per hour at $150*

  • Family/Couples Sessions $200*

  • Consulting/Coaching Services Available

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*Discounted rates may be available based on need. Please contact me for more information on possible discounted rates.


Robert Hinojosa graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Harding University in 2009 and Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2013. Robert began his career working with the homeless and addicted populations in Arkansas in 2009, and moved on to therapeutic practice after receiving his Master’s Degree.

He has extensive experience with addictions and adolescent psychiatric treatment through his work within hospitals and years as a Clinical Therapist at an inpatient residential program. Robert enjoys working with families, adolescents, and young adults and believes that home is where healing begins and futures are made. 

Robert has professional experience working with young adults in transition periods, and those struggling in academic settings. He has experience with business entrepreneurship and the stresses that can bring, and has worked with struggling couples, and families of all ages. 



  • Career Stress & Transition
  • College Students and Academic stress
  • Adolescent struggles
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual and Physical Abuse
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Marital and Family Functioning Issues


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