Consultation Services


For the Business

Are you a business owner or executive looking for a new perspective to face and solve problems within your organization? My unique experience and training may be an asset to you. I have years of experience as a therapist and as a health professional in multiple settings, from small non-profit to large national corporation. I can conduct necessary assessments to identify problem areas and strengths, and help provide a solution to problems you are facing.


For the Healthcare Provider or Hospital

There is a new trend happening in the healthcare industry that will be sweeping the nation. It will change the way healthcare providers do business and get paid for services. This trend is called Population Health Management and it is a macro-focus on micro problems providers see every day. It takes into account Social Determinants of Health that professionals like myself have focused on and worked with for years. Consult with me today, and I can help your hospital or organization be prepared for this shift in the healthcare industry, staying on the cutting edge of service delivery, and potentially save on costs related to readmissions, high ER utilization, and medical compliance.